EWB International is the umbrella organization for most of the national EWBs. The national EWBs include Ingenjörer utan gränser (EWB Sweden), Ingeniører Uten Grenser (EWB Norway), Ingeniører uden Grænser (EWB Denmark) as well as EWB UK, EWB Canada, EWB USA and EWB Australia.


Kepa is the umbrella organisation for Finnish civil society organisations (CSOs) who work with development cooperation or are otherwise interested in global affairs. At the moment Kepa has more than 300 member organisations, ranging from small voluntary-based organisations to major national organisations. EWB Finland has been Kepa member since 2008.

Huussi ry., the Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland, is a NGO established in 2002. It’s based in Tampere, but operates globally. The organisation has approximately 400 members. Their vision is to make dry toilets an essential part of sustainable development. They want sanitation everywhere to be ecologically, socially, economically and culturally sustainable, and for a natural nutrient cycle to be fulfilled globally. Huussi ry. co-operates with EWB Finland in the Circular economy sanitation business model project.



Soketti Innovations Oy    sokketi is an IT service provider in Kuopio,Finland.They constantly support us. They donate us web hosting, domain and their precious time whenever we request. EWB FI team is proud to have such partner.