Impacting with EWB Finland

Upcoming events, conference and workshop

1. EWB Finland monthly Events ( EWB Day is on Tuesday in 2nd week of Every month )

2. Plan to host conference of EWB-International Global Forum in Finland October 2018

3. Four days technological workshops for 8 young women (20-35 years old) in Lithuanian in April – May 2018

4. Showcase of Finnish products in India September 2018

5. Showcase of Impact products and services  in Finland Nov 2018

6. Showcase of Finnish products in Africa in Dec 2018

Ongoing Projects

1. Conceptual and architectural design of nursery house and daycare centre for children at the age of 1 to 6 in Tanzania

2. E-FLUSH (Environmentally Friendly Urban Sanitation and Hygiene) related to recycling of waste water and bio gas generation in Zambia

3. Hands On Minds On – Awareness programs on Environmental and Climate change issues in Schools, University and communities in India.

4. EWB Finland has setup up a computer Education centre in rural village in India to train underprivileged students and jobseekers .

5. Two Internship projects are completed by students of Metropolia and Haaga helia. The project are on food waste analysis in Finland and conceptual planning and designing on grey water recycling system.

New Project proposals received from Developing countries

1. Setup of Cooking charcoals briquettes to replace non sustainable wood fuel and charcoal in Karagwe, Tanzania

2. Chia seed production unit setup in Tanzania

Chia seeds has nutritional and medicinal benefits . Chia seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help to raise HDL cholesterol. Chia seeds are also rich in antioxidants, and they provide fiber, iron, and calcium…

3. Implementation of e-warehouse receipt system to enable local farmers to access credit and increase their incomes in Tanzania.

4. Sustainable Energy 145 KWp Solar-Wind Hybrid power generation Systems for domestic lighting, micro-businesses and fish drying in Tanzania

5. Clean Water and electricity supply to 1400 threatened Albino Families in The Lake Zone Region of Kagera , Tanzania

6. Proposal for Building Local Capacities in the Agricultural Value Chain: A Key Necessity for Food Security, Youth Employment and Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria

7. Manufacturing of Bio Degradable Plastic from wastes for environmental protection and creating job facilities in Bangladesh

8. Accessible education to visually challenged students & enhancing their skills by converting all text books into Audio format in School & universities. Additionally Setting up healthcare and ICT centre for visually challenged and differently abled community in India

9. A project proposal from EWB Ethiopia on sanitation and hygiene issues combining computer lab setup for visually disabled kids in a boarding school in Ethiopia

10. A NGO from Senegal is Looking for solution for water pumping system through photovoltaic energy to ensure continuation of water supply in Banana farmland.

EWB Finland Internal Projects

1. A mobile and web app development as donation and fund raising tool development

2. Entrepreneurship and technical skill development ( STEAM ) programs for jobseekers and young students in Finland and developing countries.

Submit your own impact ideas

1. Submit an idea that will impact the lives of people in Finland and developing Countries before EWB Day every month

2. Share your technological idea that has the potential to impact lives of people positively in any developing country ?

Submit your ideas to and