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Within EWB-Finland organizational structure, we need active engineer and non-engineer members. Currently, we have three main teams divided by their scope of activity and responsibility areas:


Member Promotion Team (MPT) aims for organic growth of the organization to increase awareness in public, and create a chance for interested people to join us. MPT is responsible for public promotion events, membership database and other improvements in member’s wellbeing within the organization.


Business Promotion Team (BPT) aims for strong bonds with other industry and NGOs.  BPT is responsible for fundraising events, partnerships and sponsorship, and improving corporate social responsibility.


Project Concept Team (PCT) works for the external and internal projects. PCT is responsible for creating new project ideas and for working on creative solutions for active projects. In short, PCT is the backbone and delivery unit in EWB-Finland.


In EWB-Finland, we also have two more, partially active member groups: the Experts and the Pool.

—-The Experts are experienced professional members where their opinions are asked for final conclusions, checking, and approving deliverables in a project.

—-The Pool consists of members who are willing to participate in EWB-Finland activities in a non-continuous basis, or on-demand. Examples for the Pool activities are: participation in membership or fundraising events as representative, or to participate short-term activities for projects.

—- Any member can work and belong in multiple teams based on the time that can be spared. All work within EWB-Finland is voluntary.



We welcome you to join us in our meetings where you can follow from our Calendar.
Feel free to visit/join our social media outlets to ask more questions.


To become a member in EWB-Finland, please follow the instructions below.


Working Professional Membership fee : 30 €/year

Students ,Jobseekers and Retired Membership fee : 20 €/year


EWB-Finland bank account details:
IBAN: FI97 1389 3000 2130 51


Remember to mark your name and e-mail in the Information space and indicate the reference number 10184.


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