What We Do


EWB Finland is a non-political, non-denominational, non-profit voluntary organization. Its purpose is to advance human development through appropriate and sustainable technology and engineering, and to increase the awareness of its members and the public about important development challenges like education, health, nutrition, housing, agriculture,communication and the environment, as well as the possibilities of technology inclusions in providing solutions to the challenges.


We operate in Finland currently, and willing to open own local chapters in abroad specially in developing and emerging nations. Therefore, we are looking for partnerships with other Finnish and international organizations.


We stand for the utilization of appropriate and sustainable engineering technology to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities worldwide. Our activities are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) included in the Agenda 2030.

Vision: To deliver sustainable solutions to developing communities worldover, to make use of their diverse technical expertise to solve crucial problems that leaves positive impact on our planet.

EWB-Finland's focus areas are defined as in the following:

  • Sustainable Energy Solutions
  • Waste Recycling and Repurposing Solutions
  • Sustainable Agriculture Solutions
  • Water Preservation and Food Processing Solutions
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Technical Skill Developments
  • Sumita Sahu (Chairwoman)
    Jiayuan Yin (Secretary)
    Sauli Halonen ( Vice Chairman)
    Maxim Korobkin (Treasurer)


    EWB-Finland is proud of having advisers, professionals, experts and volunteers who contribute to strengthen its competences,vision and objectives within the focus areas.