Engineers for the People and Planet


flag uk The purpose of the Association is a non-political, non-denominational, non-profit-making organization.


It’s purpose is to advance human development through appropriate technology and engineering solutions, and to increase the awareness of its members and the public about important development challenges like education, health, housing, and the environment, as well as the possible solutions to the challenges.Learn more about us

flag fin Insinöörit ilman rajoja Suomi -järjestön missio on asiantuntijoidensa ja vapaaehtoisten avulla tuottaa teknologiaratkaisuja ihmisten perustarpeisiin, ja parantaa elämänlaatua maailman eri kolkissa.


Insinöörit ilman rajoja Suomi kuuluu tunnettuun kansainväliseen Engineers without Borders -kattojärjestöön ja pyrkii edistämään kestävää kehitystä ja tasa-arvoa.



What we do ?

- educate and train our members e.g. in issues related to development and technology.

- organize information and discussion.

- disseminate information about current and important topics using different channels.

- organize meetings between its members and experts of technology and development.

- implement projects in collaboration with other organizations in Finland and abroad.

- conduct research in the area of development issues and technological solutions.

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